VIP Appointments

VIP Appointments – Confidential STD Testing

Our practice has board-certified and medically-affiliated doctors to give you the best possible care and treatment. Our staff is friendly, courteous and will be sensitive to your needs. Under the medical direction of Lawrence Jaeger, our office is located in midtown Manhattan for your convenience and we are open Monday through Friday.

All patients are shown the same respect and courtesy by our highly trained staff at Central Park Medical Associates and all equally valued. However, because some of our patients are in more high profile positions in the finance and entertainment industries for example, they may have a higher level of recognition that must be taken into account and therefore, we offer The VIP Appointment. This is where we close the office (usually at the beginning of the workday) whereby the patient is the only patient in the office to guarantee even further privacy and anonymity.

The fee for this service is a flat rate of $750 plus whatever testing or procedures are incurred. We do encourage this as the office is set up for complete privacy and we have a concurrent large medical and celebrated dermatology practice on site, so no one ever knows what services you are coming in for. If you’re interested in a more comfortable and exclusively private visitation, we certainly can provide it. Please tell the receptionist that you would like one of our VIP or Privacy appointments and we will certainly accommodate you.

Please call today to schedule an appointment for Private or VIP STD Testing at (212) 246-0800.


Why Test at STD Testing And Treatment NY (Central Park Medical Associates)

  • Local, same day HIV and STD Testing in New York City
  • Same day Rapid HIV Test results
  • Same day results for many STDs
  • Same day STD Treatment
  • Confidential and anonymous HIV & STD Testing
  • Many results while you wait
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  • Providing comprehensive HIV and STD Testing since 1992