Trump Administration Creates Concerns as STD Surges Among 15-24

Trump Administration Creates Concerns - STD Funding Cuts

STD Surges Among 15-24

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New survey depicts a major STD Surge Among 15-24: Creates Funding Concerns Under New Trump Administration regarding the conservative government. Will the necessary funding and fiscal needs be provided to make or ensure programs and services are not eliminated and major budgets impacted?

Trump Administration Creates Concerns

It is possible that birth control costs will rise high after Donald Trump takes office. Planned Parenthood, which serves 2.5 million people in a year, may also become costly. Abortions, STD testing and even cancer screening may be much more expensive. While it is unclear how Trump will handle such issues, there is an instant panic regarding the possible situation.

New data released today show the highest combined rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis (STD’s) in the U.S. in 20 years, reports the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). The surge in STD’s is occurring at a time of budget cuts to State and local STD programs, including a possible $5 million cut in 2017 by a Senate Appropriations subcommittee.

“Given the surge in STD’s, now is not the time to reduce funding to combat these diseases,” says David C. Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “We call upon Congress to reverse the 2017 Senate funding cut and provide an increase of at least $8.1 million for STD programs. We also call upon the new administration to request additional funding for STD programs in their 2018 budget request to Congress,” Harvey adds.

Trump Administration Creates Concerns - STD Rates 15-24

Annually, there are 20 million new STD cases, costing the U.S. health care system $16 billion. Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis increased significantly for the third year in a row, reaching a 20-year high. The long-term health consequences posed by STD’s are serious and often irreversible, especially if not diagnosed and treated early. Young people ages 15-24 and gay and bisexual men are at highest risk for STD’s. Young people face unique barriers to services, including stigma, confidentiality concerns, and limited access to expert STD providers.

They point to data from a survey published this year that found of the California high school students who are sexually active, 43 percent reported that they did not use a condom the last time they had sex.

Prevention funding is part of the reason why STD’s are rising but not the only cause, said Dr. Richard Seidman, chief medical officer for Northeast Valley Health Corp..

“If STD’s are going up, it means people aren’t practicing safe sex,” Seidman said.

He said STD’s are more common in young adults from 15 to 24 because they are otherwise healthy and are not coming in to doctors’ offices to be screened.

“They’re busy living their lives and not thinking about their risks,” Seidman said.